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Top16 // 02.01.2018 21:51 Uhr

Bayern Suffers Worst Loss of the Year in Turin 90-76

The Bayern Ballers start 2018 off on the wrong foot with a blowout loss to hot-shooting Turin by a score of 90-76. The Ballers had an unseemly 18 turnovers and Turin shot an astounding 73% from inside the three-point line and the end result was not a good one for the Germans. It was a tough loss as any is for a good team but in the end even the best of teams have their bad days every now and then. Today was a bad day but hopefully it’s one the team can quickly put behind them and move on to the next game.

Diante Garrett, Sasha Vujacic and Lamar Patterson scored 55 of 90 points for the home team and the Ballers just had no answer on defense for the opposing guards. Devin Booker had a team high 17 points for Bayern but he also had six turnovers which is something he will obviously be working on in future games.

Points per quarter, Bayern - Turin: 17-25, 15-21, 25-23, 19-21.

FCBB Stats: Devin Booker (17 points/11 rebounds), Milan Macvan (14/6), Reggie Redding (10/8/6 assists), Nihad Djedovic (9), Jared Cunningham (7), Braydon Hobbs (6), Anton Gavel (5), Maik Zirbes (5), Danilo Barthel (3), Alex King, Stefan Jovic and Karim Jallow (dnp)The voices for the game:

Sasa Djordjevic, head coach of FCBB: "Congratulations to Turin, they started the game quite differently than we did. I have no explanation for our first half, we lacked the attitude to meet the physical demands of such a game. 14 turnovers at half and 19 at the end, that is unacceptable. We knew what was coming, their transition game for example and fast breaks. We didn't even over foul. We reacted in the second half because we have pride and we actually know how to do it. But some of them took this too easy and don't know Italian basketball. We can't afford it."

Milan Macvan: "This was our worst match of the season today. Unfortunately at a very bad time for us, because it is the first game of the intermediate round. We must now move together, find new energy. This is important now. Today we couldn't find any rhythm at all. Turin had much more energy, especially on defense, and they moved much better without the ball. These were the main reasons for the defeat."

1st quarter:

The first quarter started with some sloppy play from the Ballers and a Devin Booker turnover quickly became a transition bucket for Turin. The Ballers really seemed intent on playing through Devin Booker who, despite being a bit shaky with turnovers scored six easy points early and was looked at on nearly every possession. At the six minute mark the score was Munich 8 Turin 5. After a few missed shots in the paint by Bayern and another Booker turnover Turin took a four-point lead at 12-8. Ex NBA'er Sasha Vujacic hit a big three at around the three-minute mark and Turin claimed their biggest lead yet of five points. In the end it was one of the worst quarters of the year for the Ballers and bad shooting, bad passing, bad defending and bad rebounding led to an eight point deficit, 25-17.

2nd quarter:

As the second began the key stat was seven steals for Turin in 11 minutes....SEVEN...Make it eight and another fastbreak score brought the Turin lead to 12 points at 29-17. The ninth turnover made it 33-20. Credit where credit is due, the Turin players were playing their tails off and had a swagger and physicality tonight that is not often seen. They were also hitting an absurd number of difficult shots and it seemed impossible that their good fortune could last much longer at such a high level. The Ballers started to crawl back into the game at the three minute mark and a gargantuan slam by Jared Cunningham brought some energy and a score of 39-32. Unfortunately the momentum didn't stay with the visitors for long and the energized home team took the lead back up to twelve with 90-seconds to play. Some more ugly shots and even worse passes ended the deplorable first half in Italy with a score of 46-32.

3rd quarter:

Reggie Redding committed an unfortunate foul on a three point attempt by Vujacic right out of the break but he quickly made up for it with a deep bucket of his own. Turin's torrid scoring pace didn't slow down however, and even somehow got more impressive and Vujacic and Garrett quickly led the Italians to a twenty point lead at 55-35. Coach Djordjevic was "T'd up" for arguing a foul call against Anton Gavel and this outburst was the most energy we saw from anyone on the German side in the first 25 minutes of play. Things started to get testy between the teams and hard fouls and thrown balls finally seemed to wake the Ballers up and they brought the score to 57-45 with five minutes left in the quarter. Turin stopped hitting their shots at an impossible rate but Bayern continued to not move their feet on defense and the lead remained at double-digits all the way to the end of the third when the score was 69-57.

4th quarter:

The game ain't over 'til the fat lady sings but she was clearing her vocal chords in the early stages of the final quarter of this one. Bayern couldn't hit the broad side of a barn with a basketball and Turin just could not miss. Turin brought their lead back up to 14 with eight minutes to play but a few early fouls on the Italians gave Bayern some home at staying in the game. Another turnover that put the total on the game at 17 ended in a dunk by Garrett who was putting an exclamation mark on an outstanding night personally. By the halfway mark Hobbs and Djedovic started to finally hit their deep balls and before you knew it there was new life on the Baller bench and the lead was down to just nine for Turin. In the end you just can't beat a team that shoots above 73% from inside the arc and you must give props to Turin for playing an impossibly good game on offense. Bayern did not bring their "A game" tonight and it cost them. Final score Turin 90 Bayern 76.