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Game 3 // 13.03.2018 15:36 Uhr

Bayern "Needs a Push From Their Fans" to reach the Semi-finals

You can’t possibly beat the amount of excitement that is building in regards to the next Baller game in Munich. FCBB faces off against top Russian team, Unics Kazan in a win-or-go-home game three of the EuroCup quarter-finals. Tip-off is at 20:30 CET at the Audi Dome and Bayern fans have even another reason to be happy on Wednesday night. The arena will open at 17:45 so that fans can watch the Bayern Football team take on Istanbul and then stick around for the biggest basketball game that Munich has seen in several years.

Head coach Sasa Djordjevic is optimistically looking forward to the showdown against Kazan: "We can and want to enter this game positively. Except for Milan Macvan all players are fit, Alex King is ready for action again. Kazan will raise the game to a very high physical level again. In Kazan, on the other hand, we didn't present ourselves well after halftime, especially on defense, with no physical intensity. I'm sure it will be different this time."

The Bayern Ballers not only want to make their own club history by making the EuroCup semis for the first time ever but they also want to rewrite a bit of their own personal history. Last year they lost at home against eventual Cup winner, Malaga and now they can prove that they are built of sterner stuff and ready for the biggest of challenges.

“We have a different team this year and we're playing differently, we're going to take the next step now," said captain Anton Gavel confidently. “We have already won several close and decisive matches, not least in cup victory. It gives us confidence. Besides, our fans will push us to victory."

The Munich squad lost game two in front of 5,400 spectators in Kazan last Friday even though they had led by ten-points at halftime. The Ballers have really struggled to shoot from the three-point line against Kazan and scored a shocking 2 of 18 in their last matchup.

Anton Gavel: "We've analyzed the game and we know that in a best-of-three series it's all about little things. We have to control the boards again as in the first game and not so many second chances for them. We also shot very badly in both games - I'm sure that this won't happen a third time and our shots will fall on Wednesday."

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