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BBL // 14.04.2018 23:04 Uhr

87-83 Bayern over Frankfurt

The Bayern Ballers won a big away game in Frankfurt by a score of 87-84 and remain as the leaders of the German Basketball League. It was a come-from-behind victory in front of 5,002 spectators in a sold out arena and have won every game so far played under new head coach, Dejan Radonjic. Braydon Hobbs had a big game to help Munich get the win and Vladimir Lucic was the leading scorer with 19 points and ten rebounds. 

The next home game for FCBB will be on Friday, April 20th at 20:30 CEST against Erfurt. ON Sunday at 15:00 they will play a road game against Jena.

Points per quarter: 22-19,15-22,14-24, 36-18.

FCBB Stats: Vladimir Lucic (19 points/10 rebounds), Devin Booker (18/9), Reggie Redding (12), Stefan Jovic (11), Danilo Barthel (7/6), Braydon Hobbs (6/5 Assists), Nihad Djedovic (5), Jared Cunningham (4), Maik Zirbes (3), Anton Gavel (2), Alex King, Karim Jallow (dnp).


Dejan Radonjic, head coach of FCBB: "This was without question an important victory for us. Maybe we should just talk about the last ten minutes because after a good start we just played very badly. We made so many mistakes, especially on defense. But now I congratulate my players, they made it happen as a team in the last ten minutes. Now we have a few days to work out again, and that's good."

Frankfurt head coach, Gordon Herbert: "Congratulations to Bayern. We played really well for the first 30 minutes, with fire and effort. In the last quarter we were still ahead by 16 points and had two free throws, which we unfortunately missed. We lost the momentum, and against a team like that it's hard to stop them,"

Braydon Hobbs: "Frankfurt played very well. I'm happy to have been able to help the team. I always do my best, I'm always ready when the coach sends me out on the court."

Danilo Barthel: "We weren't able to control Scrubb and Webster with their litters for a long time but we reacted well as a team, improved together and brought much more energy to the court in the final phase.'

1st quarter:

Coach Radonjic sent Jaren Cunningham, Vladimir Lucic, Danilo Barthel and Devin Booker onto the court as his starting five. After a week of intense training the Ballers were ready for what would likely be a physically demanding game. Bayern took control in the first quarter thanks largely to strong defense and the offensive help from Reggie Redding who returned to the court after a three game suspension. Devin Booker was also dominant with eight points and some brilliant slam dunks to help keep Bayern in the lead. With two minutes remaining, the score was 17-11 for the visitors. Frankfurt's top scorer, Phil Scrubb scored multiple three-pointers at the end of the quarter and at the buzzer the score was 21-19.

2nd quarter:

Frankfurt went on a quick 7-0 run to start the second quarter thanks mostly to hitting 13 of 15 free-throws in the first two quarters. Penalties became the name of the game and it was an ugly game to watch for most of the second quarter. Both teams lost all rhythm on offense and Bayern especially couldn't get anything to work and at the end of two the score was 41-37 in favor of Frankfurt. 

3rd quarter:

Unfortunately things didn't get better after the halftime break and the Ballers committed several turnovers which resulted in a 10-point deficit and an an ugly turn to events. Frankfurt took advantage and hit their shots from deep and as time ticked by, things looked like they could get out of control. At the end of three, the score was 65-51 and it appeared as if Bayern was going to lose an important road game.

4th quarter:

There was almost zero hope for the Munich squad as the final quarter began and the referees made things almost unwatchable. Just as the last bit of hope was about to disappear, Braydon Hobbs drilled a three and in the blink of an eye, Bayern went on a 9-0 run. This brought them to within nine points and the team could feel that they had a shot to win. The team fought fiercely but they still struggled to stop Frankfurt on offense. Still, Bayern chipped away and brought the score closer and closer as Hobbs and Lucic continued to hit their important shots. In crunch time, with two minutes remaining, the Ballers managed to tie things up and then put a bow on the night with a huge three-ball from Stefan Jovic which was the deciding shot of the night. 

Upcoming Games:

Fri., April 20, 20:30: FCBB - Erfurt
Sun., April 22, 15:00: FCBB - Jena
Sun., 29 April, 15:00: FCBB - Bremerhaven
Sat, May 5, 17:00: Playoff AF 1
Sat, May 12, 18:00: Playoff AF 3